Still looking for a great House Red for a modest hit to your wallet?   Does your Wine Bargain Sleuth have a deal for you!  How modest a hit?  Funny you should ask, a mere $12 a bottle before any case or special discount.   That is value, my friends.   But how good can it be at that modest price point?  How does a solid 91 rating and a number 3 position on the Top 100 Best Buys as determined by Wine Enthusiast magazine sound?  The Bogle Essential Red 2012 is a big, hearty red wine that is terrific as a cocktail wine and possibly even better as pairing wine with hearty, spicy foods.  The Bogle Essential Red 2012 is a delicious blend of old vine Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sav and Petite Sirah that will have you reaching for another bottle after the last glass is dispensed.  The 2012 Bogle blend has a flavor profile of dark berries, vanilla, spice and tobacco.   This wine is nicely balanced and has an uncommon smoothness for a Big Red at this price point.   Bogle does a remarkable job of producing consistently high quality wines for a modest asking price.   In fact, we recommended the 2010 Bogle Essential Red in past Chapters.   If anything, the 2012 Bogle Essential Red is better than earlier vintages.   Should your taste in red wines run to bold domestic efforts, there is really no reason not to grab a case of this remarkable Value Wine!