Do I have a bargain for you, boys and girls.  Want a high-quality summer wine but only have a 10 spot in your wallet?   Look no further than the bargain aisle of your favorite wine purveyor for the 2012 CK Mondavi Willow Springs Sauvignon Blanc.  This Sav Blanc is aggressively priced at a mere $7 US and widely distributed, it drinks like the big boys and it carries the dependable Mondavi label.   This month’s Wine Enthusiast named the 2012 CK Mondavi Sav Blanc as a Best Buy, calling the wine “an affordable Sauvignon Blanc that satisfies on many levels.”  This month’s Value Wine No. 1 has a crisp, dry finish, with hints of lime citrus and tart berries that still manages a complex honeydew melon quality.   Serve this wine with pride and splurge on your fish entrée instead!   At this price, buy a case and still come in well shy of $100!