Two of the qualities I look for in a House Wine (in addition to great flavor!) are widespread availability and a great price point.  The Castello Banfi Chianti Superiore 2011 achieves all three requirements with aplomb.  Widely available (25,000 cases imported from Italy) at with an incredible retail price of just $11, the Castello Banfi Chianti Superiore makes a perfect pairing with pizza and red saused-based pastas, as well as with barbeque chicken and burgers.  Like many Old World wines, Italian wines typically identify the region of origin on their labels rather than the grape varietals.   For a more detailed discussion of the wonders of Italian wines, you can review Chapter 14 of “The Wine Bargain Sleuth.”  As with all Chianti’s, the Castello Banfi is primarily Sangiovese, and this particular vintage provides a glimpse at just how delicious that varietal can be when placed in expert hands.   To my palate, the Banfi Chianti Superiore is a complex, elegant wine, with a nose of cherry and currant flavors followed by well-integrated spice and packing a moderately long, earthy yet smooth finish.   Named a Best Value by Wine Spectator, the Castello Banfi Chianti Superiore 2011 was awarded a hearty 88 rating, rather remarkable for this price point.   If you want your House Red Wine to be something unique, I highly recommend the Castello Banfi offering!