The logical candidate for a Pinot Noir House Wine is the delicious King Estate Acrobat Pinot Noir 2011 from Oregon.   This Oregonian garnered a strong 91 rating from the prestigious Pinot Report yet manages to retail for a quite reasonable $16.99.   The cool climate of Oregon allows for yet another amazing Pinot from that region in the King Estate Acrobat.  This bright red colored wine has ample tastes of cherry and cranberry, with spice and that unique earthy, smooth finish that has reminded so many Pinot Noir fans of Burgundy rather than a domestic wine.  It is the complexity of this medium bodied Pinot that sets it apart at this price point and in turn makes the King Estate Acrobat 2011 such an outstanding Red House Wine for bargain sleuths.   The reality that there are simply very few Pinots priced in this range period, much less high quality wines that are so representative of the Oregon style of Pinot Noirs.  Run, don’t walk to get a case of this one!