During the recent heat wave in my neck of the woods (read, a few degrees shy of the surface of the sun last week!), I have been in search of value-priced Oregon Pinot Noir with which to chill out.   Sound like a needle in the old haystack?   Well, not so fast, wine sleuths!  This month’s Value Wine No. 1 is the 2011 A to Z Oregon Pinot Noir.  The cleverly named Oregon beauty can be had with careful shopping at less than its $19.00 suggested retail, and this wine will definitely confirm what the buzz about Oregon Pinot Noirs is all about.  The 2011 A to Z has beautiful aromas of cherries, strawberries and even cranberries, as well as a hint of earthy spices and mineral undertones on the persistent finish that will remind its drinker of a French Burgundy.  Remarkably balanced and nuanced for the price, the 2011 A to Z Oregon Pinot Noir was recently awarded a solid 90 rating by Wine Spectator.  This Pinot Noir is medium bodied, but the light tannins hint that it may well improve with a year or two of cellaring.  Grab an extra bottle while you are at it!   You’ll be glad you did.