While we are highlighting Big Reds this month, here’s a great value in a Pinot Noir that should please the Pinot fans.  The 2012 Kim Crawford South Island Pinot Noir makes a strong case for the blooming Pinot growers in New Zealand.  Better known for its terrific Sauvignon Blancs, Kim Crawford’s 2012 South Island Pinot Noir serves notice that it intends to be a player in the Pinot game.  This wine has a nose of cherries, cola and spice, and the mid-palate adds a bit of strawberry and earthiness.   It is medium bodied and smooth drinking.   Apparently Wine Spectator was favorably impressed as well, and awarded a solid 89 rating to the Kiwi Pinot Noir.  This is a widely available wine that can be had for several dollars less than its $19 suggested retail.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to sample an excellent New Zealand Pinot, this is a great chance to do so!