The brilliant True Myth Chardonnay 2012 hails from the Edna Valley on the Central Coast of California.  Although Napa Valley is better known, the Central Coast is actually California’s largest wine growing region in terms of production.  Stretching from San Francisco on the north to Santa Barbara to the south, the cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean provide an ideal backdrop for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes in the Central Coast region.  The Edna Valley has consistently produced  remarkable Pinot Noirs, but in this case the True Myth Chardonnay 2012 truly shines.  The grapes of this True Myth beauty are sourced from the Paragon Vineyard, considered one of the top vineyards in Edna Valley.  The flavor profile on the True Myth Chard hints of pears, pineapples and citrus, with a finish of vanilla and light oak.   This is a balanced Chard, managing to simultaneously have both crisp acidity and a hint of butter that so many Chardonnay fans enjoy.   If you enjoy a baked fish or a lightly grilled chicken, look no further that the True Myth 2012 as an ideal pairingThe editors of Wine Enthusiast were impressed enough with this white beauty to award it a healthy 91 rating and an Editor’s Choice, while summarizing the wine thusly:  “This great value wine will dazzle you.”   That is strong praise indeed for the $18 retail price, and a clever sleuth can get bottles for $2-3 cheaper with some investigation.   What’s keeping you from nabbing a case for your House White?