From the cool climates of the Friuli region of Northeastern Italy comes the delicious 2011 Scarbolo Pinot Grigio, this month’s Value Wine No. 1The Scarbolo is a light-to-medium bodied white wine that manages to still have more substance than most Pinot Grigios that I have sampled over the years.  With a nose of apricots and a mid-palate of lemons and green apples, this Pinot Grigio is both food friendly and delicious as a spring or summer chiller by itself.  This wine makes a clever alternative to Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay for white wine fans.  The Scarbolo was recently determined by Food and Wine to be one of the top twelve Italian value wines, with the comment that it has “far more depth and complexity than most Pinot Grigios.”  Best of all, the 2011 Scarbolo Pinot Grigio can be had in wide distribution for the bargain price of $15 or so.  What a perfect entry into the delicious world of Italian whites!