As prices of our favorite Bordeaux and Napa Valley Big Red offerings continue to  soar, much to our chagrin (I remember the good old days when I nearly had a stroke when I paid $40 for a top rate Napa Reserve Cab!), we wine sleuths are constantly on the lookout for a satisfying steak wine but still need change back from our $20 bill.  Add bonus points if you are willing to look south of the Equator for sometime somewhat exotic and really amazing.  Well, my thirsty friends, your humble Wine Bargain Sleuth has your solution for this month:  the Bodega Norton Malbec Reserva 2014.  This Argentinian offering has a deep ruby, almost black color.  An enticing nose of dark fruits, with blackberry being prominent, followed by a smooth, rich dark currant and blueberry mid-palate, wrapped by chocolate, an earthy tobacco hint and a long, rewarding finish.  As hinted above, the Bodega Norton Malbec Reserva 2014 is simply splendid to pair with a grilled T-Bone steak, BBQ ribs or even sizzling hot beef fajitas!  This is a lot of quality for a wine that retails at $18 and can be had several bucks cheaper with some quality sleuthing.  The Malbec Reserva 2014 is a blend of two Bodega Norton vineyards, and the craftsmanship and polish of the Norton winemakers clearly presents itself.  The likes of Wine Spectator bestowed a strong 90 rating on the Bodega Norton Malbec Reserva, simultaneously naming this wine #74 on its 2016 Top 100 Wines List. Wine Advocate echoed the 90 rating, commenting that the Malbec Reserva 2014 “was very impressive for the price tag it wears.”  Widely available at a remarkable production of 1.6 million cases, there’s no excuse for not having a few bottles in your cellar.   Your discerning wine guests will thank you!