If your budget doesn’t allow a classic White Burgundy but you want to step up your game a bit for friends and family, then look no further that the 2011 Failla Chardonnay Sonoma Coast.  This domestic Chard from the next valley west of Napa makes an excellent pairing with your Thanksgiving or holiday meal.  Its flavor profile is one of crisp apples and pears, with just a hint of citrus.   Not an overly buttery Chard, the Failla Chardonnay has a hint of oak on the lingering finish, but is amazingly balanced from sip to finish.   Wine Spectator thinks enough of the Failla offering to name the Chard an impressive number 49 on its recent annual Top 100 Wines list, and the tough grading magazine awarded a stellar 92 rating to this one.   Best of all, its list price is a reasonable $34, decidedly on the lower end of the Top 100 list.  Your guests will be suitably enthralled!