Trivento Cabernet-Malbec Mendoza Reserve 2013

One of the most enjoyable parts of traveling to new locales is the opportunity to try great new wines that one has not previously enjoyed.   A recent family vacation to idyllic Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic afforded just such an opportunity to try a terrific Argentinian wine — the Trivento Cabernet-Malbec Mendoza Reserve 2013.  The very definition of a food friendly Value Wine, the Trivento Big Red contains elegant red berry, earthy green tea and dark current profiles, with a seemingly seamless, lengthy finish. Our crew paired the Trivento Cabernet-Malbec Reserve 2013 with French foods varying from grilled Caribbean grouper to lamb lollipops to grilled steak and lobster, and its smoothness after about 15 minutes of aeration allowed it to perfectly complement each dish.  Widely available for a true bargain price of $11, the Trivento Cabernet-Malbec Mendoza Reserve 2013 was also awarded an impressive 87 rating by the tough graders at Wine Spectator.  If you are looking for a great Value Wine that is remarkably flexible for summer (or for that matter, any season), your humble Wine Bargain Sleuth recommends stocking up on this sexy Argentine offering! It is widely available for your shopping pleasure.  Cheers!

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  1. Teresa Randolph

    Looks delicious! I can’t seem to find 2013 on line – do you have a suggestion as to where we could order some ? Thank you for all the great posts! Cheers!

    • Len Musgrove

      Thanks, Teresa. I’ll be happy to look for it. I’m a big fan of their Malbecs as well–particularly the Golden Reserve. Cheers!

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