After giving props to Italy for becoming the world’s largest wine producing nation in this month’s Chapter, it seemed only fair to demonstrate a great reason that dynamic has occurred.   From the legendary Italian wine region of Tuscany hails the remarkable 2011 Cecchi Sangiovese Toscana.  This month’s Value Wine No. 2 retails for an unbelievable $11, and is fortunately in wide distribution due to approximately 10,000 cases that were made.  I would characterize the 2011 Checchi as a terrific pairing for Wednesday night pizza, or even a hearty chicken parmigiana.  Quite fruit forward, the Checci Sangiovese shows red fruits such as cherry and raspberry, with balancing spice flavors that add complexity.   I would echo the endorsement of the balanced red wine by Wine Spectator, which named the 2011 Checchi as a “Best Buy” and awarded a rating of 88.  At this bargain bin price point, a wine sleuth will have to dig hard to find a better quality red wine.  Go pick up a case or two!